Target eco-conscious customers with recycled promotional products

More and more organisations are looking to promote a “green agenda”. It may be something as simple as an internal initiative to promote recycling and reduce landfill. Alternatively, it may be something more sophisticated – such as an aim to become carbon neutral within the next three years. Regardless of your precise environmental policy, promotional products can be used to raise exposure or promote a particular campaign.
The first step is to ensure that you purchase recycled promotional merchandise so that your marketing campaign is consistent with your business goals. Here are some broad examples of promotional merchandise that could help promote a “green agenda”.


Many notepads are available with recycled paper. Perfect for trade shows and exhibitions, you could provide a notepad to every visitor to your trade show stand. This could increase footfall to your stand and create a real buzz around the exhibition. You could print the notepads with a “green” marketing message to ensure that attendees remember your environmental credentials long after the show has ended.

There are many different options you can choose from, whether you want one that comes with a pen or one with a spiral spine, so you will be able to select a model that will suit your market, as well as your budget.

Recycled stationery

Branded stationery like pens, rulers and rubbers have universal appeal and are therefore one of the best ways to promote your green message or slogan. According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), pens are one of the most popular form of promotional items.
The BPMA found that 39 per cent of Brits said they would like to be given a pen as a promotional freebie more than any other promotional product. This beat mugs, promotional clothing and bags in terms of popularity, which says a lot!
 You can also be confident that using promotional pens will allow your message to stay in the minds of recipients, with the BPMA revealing that 12 per cent of people said they kept a pen longer than any other promotional gift.

Printed pens could be used in numerous settings, whether that’s a promotional event like a sales conference, as part of a direct mail campaign to your customers or simply place around your offices to promote your green credentials to customers and staff alike!
 There is a wide range of eco-friendly pens available on the market, whether that’s biodegradable pens or pens that are manufactured from post-consumer waste, like recycled CD cases.

Recycled USB sticks

The BPMA research referred to above also found that USBs tend to be favoured over other forms of promotional merchandise. It is now possible to purchase eco-friendly promotional flash drives.

Eco-friendly flash drives are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic, which means that while being high-tech, they are also environmentally-friendly. This could appeal to eco-conscious recipients who still require a certain memory size to store important files at work or home.

Like pens, USBs can be used to great effect at a trade show, particularly if you put a slideshow or more information about your company’s green initiatives on the device itself. If nothing else, a free USB should drive more people to your trade show stand to find out more about your green agenda.