Go Green – Forget Mercury, Halogen and Other Pesky Lights!

When it comes to high capacity flood lights, there’s always the concern of long bills for electricity consumption and the fact that they’re absolutely against our ecological pattern.

Gone are the days of halogen (HPS) and candescent lamps (Mercury), green is the way to go! Flood lights and outdoor bollard lights were often misunderstood as low electricity consuming lights, but infact, they’re the most power hungry lights available out there. There are many alternatives coming up slowly, which are trying to reduce this power wastage (not to mention the low life of these lights as well.)

LEDs have created frenzy in each market, be it hardcore industrial applications or even domestic consumer applications. LEDs were again misunderstood to be low light emitting elements, but it turns out, it can outperform the most powerful filaments out there. In comparison to halogen lamps, LEDs lights save well over 80% of the overall cost. This way, we can do our bit in saving the environment by going green.

A normal flood light (using halogen or mercury) would not last long enough, and the heat emitted from these lamps is comparatively enormous as well. Outdoor LED Flood lights on the other hand, help us save upto 50% – 65% of our electricity cost in total. These are absolutely Eco-Friendly, No emission of Ultra Violet rays, Mercury or even any kind of air pollution whatsoever. These Outdoor LED Flood lights can last upto 3-5 times longer than a normal Halogen powered flood light.

Along with Outdoor LED Flood lights, more popularly used are the domestic LED bollard lights, which are absolutely a marvelous alternative to the old and high resource consuming conventional lights. These LED Bollard lights are extremely Eco-Friendly which provides you with over 30,000 hours of lifespan overall.

These lights have a protection grade of IP65, which will give you a guaranteed satisfactory performance. These LED Bollard lights feature a fancy diffuser, which adopts the imported PC material, which avoids any aging in the lamp itself and also prevents any kind of ultraviolet radiation from the lamp. So, if you’re FOR the nature and are on the “Go-Green” wagon, get yourself the Outdoor LED Flood lights and LED Bollard lights if you need plenty of low-electricity consuming light.