7 Green & Healthy Reasons You Should Ride a Bike

Riding a bike has become a very popular mode of transportation recently. Not only can riding your bike allow you to enjoy better health, but it can also allow you to contribute to a better planet. Here are some reasons to choose a bike over anything else. 1. It ensures that you don’t contribute to air pollution. When you’re biking, you are not emitting potentially harmful substances into the air as you do with driving…. Read more

Target eco-conscious customers with recycled promotional products

More and more organisations are looking to promote a “green agenda”. It may be something as simple as an internal initiative to promote recycling and reduce landfill. Alternatively, it may be something more sophisticated – such as an aim to become carbon neutral within the next three years. Regardless of your precise environmental policy, promotional products can be used to raise exposure or promote a particular campaign.
The first step is to ensure that you purchase… Read more

Environmentally Friendly Office Clearance Services

An environmentally friendly office clearance service is perfect for busy business owners who have no time to clear their office of unused furniture and other items because their time is better spent running their business or dealing with the closing of their business. Choosing a Professional Service A professional, eco friendly office clearance company will have years of experience clearing office spaces or wastewater treatment and should be able to do so quickly and efficiently…. Read more

Cheap Ways to Insulate Your Home

Most people know that insulating your home properly can save a lot of money on energy bills, especially in the winter, but the most common ways of doing this such as cavity wall insulation and double glazing windows can be very expensive and time-consuming products to install. To that end, the following are some cheap, easy ways to insulate your home from this winter’s cold weather. •    Most of the heat lost in the home… Read more

A city’s effort to help save the Earth

Governments everywhere are having difficulty in dealing with the problems of overpopulation and the continuous decrease in the number of our natural resources. Nowadays, recycling is becoming a great solution to finding another use for products that we would otherwise throw. It helps us to lessen our contribution to the huge amounts of waste generated by towns and cities across the United States and the rest of the world. Recently, recycling in Springfield has been… Read more

Stop littering

Another way that we can help to prolong the life of our earth is by not littering. Littering is SO unnecessary, because there are proper trash receptacles all around us in which we can deposit trash. Yet, people continue to throw their trash out the windows of their car, into the rivers, into the oceans, and all over the place. This garbage might seem harmless at first – after all, how much damage is a… Read more

Buy green products

If you feel burdened about the condition of the earth, then you are not alone. People all over the world are waking up, and realizing that if we do not take care of our planet now, we might not have one in a few hundred years. There are a lot of things you can do to help our planet out, but buying products that are “green” is a major one that will really help out…. Read more

Alternative Transportation

Alternative transport efforts are more important now than ever. With steadily rising gas prices and an unstable economy, more people are turning to new ways to get around. It can take some thought and creativity, but there are many other modes of transport that do not require the use of your vehicle. Of course, seeking a new means of getting around does not mean that you have to give up your car for good. Even… Read more

Raise awareness

As with anything, people tend to shun information that is new to them and different. The same goes with what is good for the planet. For so many years, people have been recklessly abusing our planet, and now we are beginning to see the consequences of it. But, the worst thing about this problem is that many people are STILL ignoring it! But you can help, and you can help by sticking up for our… Read more

An Insulated Garden Office is a True Investment in the Future

Is there anything more satisfying than buying your own home? We’re not sure, but we would have to say that renovating and extending the house that you purchase has to rank pretty high up there in terms of satisfaction. Indeed, when you get to customize your home further, you’re really going above and beyond when it comes to actually making it your own. There’s nothing like being able to do this, because it means that… Read more